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Works no longer available

Genesis II. XVIII.II 2014  bronze  1.04m 3ft 5in  unique

Set of Bookmarks I-V 2013  bronze and slate  23cm 9in (largest)  unique

Omaha Dance 2012  bronze on slate  27cm 10.6in  edition 9

Genesis II. XVIII 2012  bronze  1.6m 5ft 3in  unique  •

Booklet of Life 2008  bronze  38cm 15in  edition 2  •

Leaflet 2008  bronze on slate
4cm 5.5in  edition 2

Book of Life 2007  bronze  77cm 30in  edition 4

Icon Triptych 1969  bronze and jewels  24cm 9.5in  unique  •

Diamond Relief 1968  bronze on timber  22cm 8.5in  edition 4  •

Opus II, III, IV, V and VI 1969/2008  bronze on slate  12-14cm 4.75–5.5in  edition 2

Magic Box 1965  bronze  16cm 6.25in  unique  Private collection  •

Rocket Helmet 1964  bronze
Three piece interlocking 'puzzle'
Assembled: 12cm 4.75in
Piece One 6cm 2.5in
Piece two 7cm 2.75in
Piece three 9cm 3.5in
Private collection  •

Bronze Box 1962  bronze  28cm 11in  unique  •
photograph courtesy of  Arts Council collection

Zig Zag Wall 1958  bronze  33cm 12.5in  edition 4