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Works no longer available

Blue @ Omaha 2011-12  bronze on granite  9cm 3.54in wide  edition 4

Telos 2010-11  bronze and slate on slate  69cm 27in unique  •

CC 2011  bronze on slate  15cm 6in high  edition 4

Ana 2007  bronze on slate
21cm 8.5in high  edition 4  •

Eleftheria 2009  bronze on slate  25cm 9.5in high  edition 6

Vertical Flow 1969  bronze on granite  1.21m 3ft 9.5in high  edition 9  •

Leda 1970  bronze  1.58m 5ft 2in high  edition 2

Winged Spiral 1966  bronze  unique 2m 6ft 5in high  commissioned  •

Karthia 1970  alabaster on slate  9cm 3.5in high  unique

Pythia II 1969  bronze  40cm 15.5in high  edition 6  (a group of 3)  •

The Bride 1968  bronze on slate  79cm 31in high  unique  •