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Works no longer available

Handel Cossham life size portrait bronze on granite 40cm 15.75in Commissioned by the League of Friends of Cossham Hospital, Kingswood, Bristol to celebrate
the re-furbished and reopening
of the hospital 2013.

Kaïmos Head 2016  bronze on granite  33cm 13in high  edition 6

Nova Head 2001  bronze
1.8m 5.9ft high  unique

Nefertine III 2005  bronze on slate  25cm 10in wide  edition 4

Vivaldi Head 1998  polyphant stone
25cm 10in high  unique

Plaka Head 1998  slate unique  46cm 18in wide •

Nefertine II 1995  bronze on slate or granite  21cm 8in wide  edition 6

Augustine Head 1969  bronze
94cm 37in high  edition 6

Girl 1969  bronze on granite  29cm 11.5in high  edition 6

Juliet Head 1968  bronze on slate 
46cm 18in high  edition 9

Head II 1969  bronze
34cm 13.5in high

Sorbus Head 1969  bronze on slate or marble  44cm 17.25in high  edition 6

Nefertine 1969  bronze
17cm 6.5in high  edition 6

Nefertine Head 1964/65  white alabaster on black slate  19.5cm 7.75in wide
unique  Private collection