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Works no longer available

Sieme II 2014  bronze on granite  59cm 23in high  unique  •

Sieme III 2014  bronze on granite  2.59m 10ft high  unique  •

Omaha Life 2010  bronze and slate
on granite
 18cm 7in high  unique

Elda 2008  bronze on slate
25cm 9.5in high  unique  •

Tokoroa 2007  bronze on slate
28cm 10.75in high  edition 9

Messenger of Life 2005  bronze on slate  3cm 13in high  edition 4

Duo 2005  bronze on slate
17cm 6.75in high  edition 6  •

Twin Hope 2003  bronze on slate
30cm 11.75in  ed 9 (two shown)

Paleos III 2003  bronze on slate or granite  75cm 29.5in high  edition 6

Martha/Jeff 2000  bronze on slate
32cm 12.5in high  unique  •

Pantemenos VII 2001  bronze on slate
28cm 11in high  edition 6  •

Pantemenos IV 1995  bronze
24cm 9.5in high  edition 6

Pantemenos VIII 1992  bronze on
30cm 12in high  edition 6

Choral III 1974  alabaster on slate
18cm 7in high  unique

Iremia II 1970  marble on slate  15cm 5.5in wide  unique  •

Pantemenos 1967  bronze on slate
22cm 8.5in high  edition 6  •